New AIG website

AIG has a shiny new website launched in early February 2020. The new site aims to focus on the breadth of the services provided by AIG by telling a more accurate story about our projects, services, news and why we do what we do. There is a lot going on, and we believe our new site makes it easier for users to get their head around it all.

News is a focus

News is a big focus on the site because things are constantly changing and there is so much to tell you. We have a dedicated group of people who follow us on social media and want to be informed of what’s happening. Also, there are so many interesting stories to be told about Aboriginal people working towards economic independence, and the news featured on the site allows for that.

A reason why

We believe it’s important to showcase not only what AIG does, but why AIG remains so driven. When you look at the staff profiles, you can learn why our staff are so committed to the vision we have of making positive changes to the lives of Aboriginal people in the NT. For us at AIG, why we are working is as important as what we are doing. The shared vision makes us strong and united.

Projects highlighted

The new site makes it easier to find information on our projects. The Remote Laundries project is a well-known project of AIG, but there are other lesser known projects such as our education support grants, our construction projects and our Mobility project

It also provides a platform to explain how projects are chosen and to highlight our dedication to creating sustainable employment opportunities for Aboriginal people through our projects. Our relationship with people on the ground and talking about what people want for their people and their community is how our project ideas are formed. 

Support and services explained

Support and services are how AIG makes its wealth. The new website provides a clear way for users to understand our three categories of support and services: business support servicesproperty management and community stores management.

Enjoy and stay in touch

We hope you enjoy the site and it meets you informational needs. Of course if there is something you’re looking for that isn’t there, please email and we will be only too happy to help you.