Join the inquiry into community food pricing

Time is running out to give submissions for the Inquiry into Food Pricing and Food Security in Remote Indigenous Communities. This is a federal inquiry that was requested by the Minister for Indigenous Australians Mr Ken Wyatt.

Two ways to be involved

If you’re interested in being involved in giving evidence for the inquiry; there are two ways. The first is simple.

Send photos

Take photos of product prices in remote Indigenous stores and email to

Lodge a submission 

The second way is lodging a submission to the committee inquiry.

As part of any inquiry the committee in charge of the inquiry invites people who have an interest in the topic to give their view.

There are detailed explanations of how to make a submission on the Parliament of Australia website, but keep reading here for a summary or click link below to get the full length version. 


Who can make a submission?

Individuals and organisations – anyone really.

What is in a submission?

It can be a letter, document, detailed paper, video, audio clip.

Your submission can have supporting documents. A letter for example with photos or video to support.

For your submission to have the most impact it should follow the terms of reference of the inquiry which you can find in full here

TOR in short:

The Inquiry will identify and report upon factors contributing to higher prices and situations where prices are considered unreasonable and in particular investigate whether there is price gouging in any remote community stores.

If you need help contact or (02) 6277 4559

How to submit?

Online by emailing your submission to . 

If this is your first time giving a submission, you’ll need to create an account

Accepted submission formats are word documents, PDF, photos, MP4 and video.

How to know if your submission was accepted?

You’ll get an email confirming your submission was received. 

Things to know (from the APH website)

Once a submission is received by a committee, you cannot publish or disclose it to any other person unless or until the committee has authorised its publication; nor can it be withdrawn or altered without the committee’s permission. If you are not sure about the status of your submission, please check with the committee secretariat. If there are additional matters you wish to raise, this can be done in a supplementary submission.

Once the committee has received a submission it will decide whether to accept it as a submission and authorise its publication. For a range of reasons, the committee will reserve the right to not publish a submission, or any part of a submission, including those it judges do not address the inquiry’s terms of reference.

You should be aware that submissions are part of a committee’s public record and are usually published on the Parliament’s website. To protect the privacy of submitters, the secretariat will remove signatures and personal contact details before publishing submissions. To assist us, we encourage you to include any personal information in a covering letter or through your My Parliament lodgement, not in the body of your submission.

If your submission includes matters of a private nature that could lead to the identification of individuals, you should contact the committee secretariat before lodging your submission.

For more details visit:

Key dates

Submissions must be in by June 30, 2020

Committee will present final findings report by October 30, 2020


Contact or (02) 6277 4559

Good luck!