“Reducing prices in community stores is always a big challenge. Being able to keep them down is even harder. With the backing of a great team at AIG I strive to work harder each day. Being able to remove rebates within the structure of cost prices has helped us reduce prices across all our stores considerably while still being able to achieve profitability.Helping people living in communities buy quality groceries at affordable prices keeps me driving to do better each and every day”.

Dominic started in August 2018 as Stores Coordinator and is involved in setting agreements with suppliers and supporting general stores in remote communities. Dominic is dedicated to creating good stores that better serve people in communities. He has over 40 years of experience in retail across Australia and has been in the NT for the last 10 years working in remote community retail.

Dominic has worked in a variety of other careers across all states and territories including the wholesale food industry, restaurants and bus and truck transportation.