Create Housing and Construction is AIG’s construction arm and has been a key component of our project portfolio. The majority of our construction projects have been working alongside Aboriginal corporations where AIG has been invited by community leaders to project manage construction projects on their behalf.

When designing important community infrastructure, consultation with the community and the corporations who own the assets is imperative. AIG has worked closely with Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation, Bagala Corporation and Bradshaw and Bradshaw Construction to create designs that will work for their community, are cheap and quick to construct, and are robust enough to withstand the harsh outback conditions.

Our construction goals are:

  • Work alongside Aboriginal corporations
  • Facilitate the construction of important community assets
  • Will provide employment and training opportunities for Aboriginal locals

Bagala Community Store

Completed 2018

AIG’s construction arm Create Housing and Construction was engaged by Bagala Aboriginal Corporation to build a larger, newer community store for the community of Barunga. The new store supports an increase in long-term employment for the local community and surrounding area.

A key upgrade was the large cold store facilities which means a wider range of fresh food can be sold at the store and ultimately improving the availability of fresh, nutritious food. A popular tourist spot for people attending the Barunga festival, the new store is attractive and encourages people to buy from the store.

Katherine Housing Project

Completed 2018

This was a successful commercial venture designed to enhance AIG’s worth by expanding our residential property portfolio. There were no immediate social benefits intended for this project, and is a great example of AIG’s capacity to generate wealth.

AIG’s construction arm Create Housing and Construction built three identical houses (except for the façade) designed to meet the specific design requirements for defence personnel. Rent from these properties continues to be a valuable source of wealth for AIG. This style of wealth creation is something AIG would be willing to replicate in the future.

Bradshaw Workers Camp

Completed 2017

Bradshaw and Timber Creek Construction and Resources Company (Bradshaw Construction) is a 100% Aboriginal owned business and that operates in the Timber Creek region. AIG’s construction arm Create Housing and Construction and Bradshaw Construction worked together to secure funding from the Aboriginal Benefit Account (PM&C) in 2015 and project manage building the workers accommodation.

For AIG this project had a dual purpose; to support accommodation for Indigenous workers in the Timber Creek area, and test modular housing designs that AIG has been working on since 2016. The workers accommodation has a separate managers house with two bedrooms and a bathroom and 12 single rooms with ensuites for the workers, a commercial kitchen and a laundry.

Wirib General Store

Completed 2017

Gunamu Aboriginal Corporation asked AIG to provide high level project management support which included grant applications. The old store was too small given the tourist traffic through the store and the size of the community. It was lacking fundamental elements such large fridge and freezer capacity which meant only a small range of fresh produce could be stocked.

AIG’s construction arm Create Housing and Construction used their modular design to build a larger store with larger fridges and freezers, a commercial kitchen and bakery. The floor space as bigger and a large covered verandah was built to encourage people to stop, relax and stock up from the store.

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