Business, governance and mentoring support services

Offering a suite of business solutions that give valuable and practical advice on how to save struggling corporations from going under.

Helping Aboriginal corporations

Governance and financial management continue to be a key point of vulnerability for many Aboriginal corporations. Since 2011, AIG has helped clients strengthen their governance framework and financial processes so they can stay viable. The long term vision for this service is that Aboriginal corporations create economic growth for Aboriginal people.

Governance training

Training corporation leaders to be able to stand alone and run a successful business is the goal for the governance training team. This involves training sessions that focus on building the foundation of a strong business and financial management. A large part of governance training remains interpreting the rules and regulations of the Officer of the Register for Indigenous Corporations (ORIC), particularly around the appropriate use of money and director’s duties.

Project management

Create Housing and Constructions is the project management Arm of AIG. It supports other Aboriginal corporations in the delivery and management of projects in community. This can be very small projects or large capital infrastructure projects. Our team consists of professional project managers which are supported by our accountants and administration staff. If grant funding is required to finance or co-finance the investments our grant application team can assist as well. Check out our projects page for more information.

Grant applications

AIG will apply for grants on behalf of other businesses to create economic development and asset growth in communities.

Securing money to bring business ideas to life can be complicated and time consuming. At AIG we offer businesses and corporations that have good ideas in how to grow business and employment in their region a service to help find funding.

We have an officer who knows the grants and funding landscape well and know which grants are best suited to meet the needs of the clients.


AIG officers bookkeeping services is a key part of their business support services. Finding skilled bookkeeping staff and retaining them is always a challenge for remotely located Aboriginal corporations, so AIG offers services that operate out of our Darwin office.

Bookkeeping data that is reliable is crucial to the overall financial health of an organisation and we offer this as part of our business support services because we know that for an organisation to be healthy, their books need to be in order.

Further information

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