AIG Board change over

The board provides essential connection between AIG and people living in our target regions. Our board is made up of the same people as the Northern Land Council’s Executive Council through a link between AIG and NLC that’s existed since the late 1990s. AIG is independent from the NLC but we share the same board.

Alexa Gutenberg the Chief Operating Officer at AIG works closely with the board in her role and she shares her thoughts on the outgoing board and plans for the new board.

Q and A with Alexa 

Q: How are you feeling about the changeover?

A: I’ll be sad to see our current board change but welcome the idea of working with a new team of Indigenous leaders. Out 2020/21 strategy provides the new board with a clear road map of what we are striving for, which will make it easier for the new board to take on their new role.

QWhy has the board changed?

A: This is driven through our connection with the NLC. The NLC elects every 3 years a new full and executive council, which we share with the NLC.

QWho are the outgoing directors?


  • Lizzie Sullivan – Darwin/Daly/Wagait Region
  • John Christophersen – Kakadu region
  • Raymond Hector – Victoria River District
  • Ronald Lami Lami – West Arnhem Region
  • Bobby Wunungmurra – East Arnhem Region
  • Peter Lansen – Ngukurr Region
  • Richard Dixon – Borroloola – Barkly Region Robinson River  

Q: Have any of the old members been reelected?


  • Samuel Bush-Blansasi – Katherine Region (Chair of AIG Board)
  • Helen Lee – Katherine Region – Barunga
  • Djawa Yunipingu – East Arhem Region

Sam and Helen have been with AIG since 2004 so they know our business very well and its feels good to have them as part of the board because they will provide necessary stability to continue the work we are doing. They are both strong Indigenous leaders and important players in the Indigenous space so it is a positive they will still be around.

QWho are you expecting to be the new members?


  • Grace Daniels – Ngukurr
  • Matt Ryan – West Arnhem Region
  • Brian Pedwell – Victoria River District
  • Bill Banks – Darwin/Daly/Wagait Region
  • Calvin Deveraux – (Deputy Chair of AIG Board)

Q: Will the new members represent each of the 7 regions?

A: Yes. Our board members are elected by the people in the regions they represent. These are people that are trusted to serve the interests of their people.

QWhy is the board so important for the strategic direction of AIG?

A: The AIG Board of Directors have a very important role to play in advocating the needs of Aboriginal people in the seven northern regions of the NT. Direction and insights from each board member provide imperative perspective to understand the real needs of people living in community.

Their needs are linked to AIG’s vision and reflected in our strategic direction that is set by the board.

QWhen will the board have their first meeting and be officially recognised?

A: Late February 2020

QWhat will you hope to get out of that first meeting?

A: The meeting will go for a couple of days, including an induction to AIG and its entities, training around the governance/ policies of processes of AIG and sharing of AIG’s strategic plan as well as a board meeting where normal business is attended to.